Eddie Borgo for Target

Target is the industry leader when it comes to designer collaborations, but its newest accessories-only partnership with designer Eddie Borgo is a departure from past collections. Is it a welcome change? Caroline A. Wong joins you in this fashion search.

By Caroline A. Wong
Photos By Breana Powell

W AugSepthen I first found out Target’s latest designer collaboration would be a line of mix-and-match clip-on accessory pieces, I was intrigued to say the least. Most of the retailer’s past partnerships have been clothing-oriented, with a few accessories thrown in almost as afterthoughts (Lilly Pulitzer for Target string lights, we’re looking at you). Designer Eddie Borgo’s imaginings for the next Target release seemed fresh, almost out-of-this-world (if the galaxy-inspired prints weren’t indication enough)…but would the collection appease the well-oiled machine that is the Target collaboration-shopper masses?

I curated a selection of pieces from the lookbook to prep for our cover shoot. Certain accessories automatically appeared more luxe and expensive, namely the white marble prints and the gold-tone jewelry. The other beads and clip-ons had the effect of being plasticy, which can easily direct a mix-and-match collection into summer camp craft territory. t

After the July 12th release, I wanted the in-store customer experience. How would choosing the different clip-on options translate from the lookbook to the store? The answer: it didn’t.

Whereas past lines have featured prominently at the front of the retail establishment (in order to provide easier access to the fashion-starved), the Eddie Borgo collection was hidden away toward the middle of the location I visited and, to be honest, was just plain sad. Racks of clothing take up more space and might seem like a grander selection of goods, but the measley cardboard display for the Borgo line surely couldn’t hold up to several fashionistas (let alone dozens) fighting over the designer’s signature geometric offerings. Well, maybe it didn’t have to…the resale value of Borgo x Target is minimal at best and the selection of goods marked up on eBay and fashion-for-sale apps like Poshmark is limited (and primarily consists of handbags, not jewelry).

Ultimately, I’m not impressed.