Love the SKINN You’re in

You’ve seen their faces. Gorgeous, defying all logic. Fighting crime, fueling feuds, and finding the right shoe. They’ve been on Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, The Office, and CSI. They are the women crafted by a beauty industry genius—Dimitri James, celebrity makeup artist, author, and founder of SKINN Cosmetics. With years of industry experience and a brand that has grown over the past thirteen years, James certainly boasts an impressive resume and his own share of insider secrets. Luckily for you, we sat down with him to chat!

By Colette Choi

Tastevin Magazine: When did you get your start in the beauty industry?

Dimitri James: I was only 17. I basically went to a Lancôme counter and started doing makeup on all the sales girls—I wasn’t even working in the store! One day, a lady came up to me thinking I worked there. She asked me what a specific serum did and I replied, “Well, if you don’t use it, your face will fall off!”  She happened to be the account executive for Estée Lauder. She hired me as a makeup artist at the largest account in Southern California.  This was before I left for college.

TM: After that, you eventually moved on to do makeup for some of the most popular television shows—with arguably the most lasting influence. Any favorite clients with whom you love to work?

DJ: Eva La Rue from CSI: Miami. She is so funny and sweet. Melissa Rivers also cracked me up. Most of my clients [take] very good of their skin. However, one time Judy Tenuta called me to ask how long she could leave her fake lashes on after I applied them three days earlier. I was worried she would get an eye infection! Another time, Lauren Conrad wouldn’t let me apply eye shadow because she thought it made eyes look smaller. I love being able to educate women about best practices when it comes to skincare and beauty routines.