Joey Tierney

Interview by Caroline A. Wong

Joey Tierney is the fashionable founder of Haute Street, which is a daily dose of haute from coast to coast and—from the hushed rumors that we’ve heard around the water cooler—a tight-knit, hard-to-crack style sorority that only a few are lucky enough to pledge, let alone become initiated into as full-fledged style sisters. In other words, it probably functions like every other Prada-clad devil-run fashion office in Los Angeles. But whatever trepidations we might have first had about talking with Tierney crumbled as we came to discover that the diva behind her powerful fashion business is actually quite hilarious and chummy. In fact, she’s not so different from her many interns that run hundreds of dollars of clothes to Tierney’s chic clientele, including the likes of Rose Byrne, Kristen Bell, Andy Garcia, Seth Green, Lindsey Lohan, Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Cera, and cast members from the hit Showtime series Dexter. Tierney has the same drive that first propelled her into the style scene and the same determination to prove herself that keeps her at the front of the pack.

TM: What inspired you to enter the crazy world of fashion?

JT: I was actually doing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles, and I had no idea what fashion styling was. I never even thought for two seconds it could be a legitimate career. But I randomly met this girl and she was, like, ‘I’m touring with Britney Spears, and I need help on the road in the wardrobe department.’ And within a week, I had found somebody to live in my apartment in West Hollywood to take care of my goldfish Charlie, and I was on back-to-back world tours with Britney Spears.

TM: That must have been really amazing! Have you always been fashionable or did it develop as you went on tour and got involved in the industry?

JT: Well, if I go back and watch my stand-up comedy videos, my material was beyond horrific, but my outfits were SO amazing! [Laughs] So I guess I have always been fashionable. I can remember moments when I was a young girl—not that I’m not a young girl now—but when I was really young, I can remember being in, you know, uncomfortable situations and looking down and seeing that I had on the right type of sneakers with multicolored stacked socks, and I felt like everything was just gonna be fine.

TM: So it was a natural instinct for you?

JT: It really was. And it’s interesting when some things come so innately to a person. You don’t even realize that it’s actually a calling or a career because it just seems so normal.

TM: Would you say that’s how you feel about your job now? That it’s less work and more just something that you like to do?

JT: Yeah. Yes, I love what I do. It’s so natural. Like, the work part of it is gathering the options and doing the homework like checking the packages in and checking the packages out. It changes every single day, every single second. Like, I have assistants that put together schedules for me, and I’m a very visual person so I even actually [have print-outs] in my hand, and within two hours, it’s changed. There’s tons of emailing, probably between 300 and 400 emails a day. And there’s just a lot of activity, and—I don’t know—a lot of time with tailors! But when it comes to the creative time with the client, it’s always magical.

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