The Real Jeannie Mai

If you haven’t heard of Jeannie Mai, then READ UP cause things are about to get Real! Playful and flirty, Mai, 34, sat down with Caroline A. Wong to give Tastevin readers the scoop on her new show—The Real—premiering September 15th, how she got her start, and what it means to make a first impression.

Tastevin Magazine: So you have a show coming out in September. Congratulations!
Jeannie Mai: Yeah! It’s called The Real. It’s a super fun, urban, girl chat, but it’s a talk show. It’s myself and four other co-hosts [Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, and Tamera Mowry]. It’s just a huge honor to be part of something like this with such great chicks. We talk about current events, but we also talk about what’s going on in our lives. We pretty much are just chillin’, hanging out together. It’s almost like being with your girlfriends without the drinks—just cause we’re on TV! We talk about everything from marriage, sex, vajacials, great sex positions, what’s going on in the news today, how we really feel about pop culture. It’s cool.

TM: So how does it differ from shows like The View?
JM: Honestly, it’s just five reasons: me, Tamar, Adrienne, Loni, and Tamera. That’s completely it. We don’t even bother comparing ourselves to other people, and I love that because I grew up being so focused on what I do. I learned that if you ever are running a race or a relay and you’re concentrating on, like, that other person behind you, you actually [lose] your focus and your speed because you’re concentrating on other elements. Like, I have no shade on The View. I watch it too. I really relate [to] it. But the women are in a different place in their lives, and I’m excited to have something where other women my age can relate to what we’re talking about.

TM: You’ve been on other shows on big networks like E!, Lifetime, TLC…You seem like you have a lot under your belt. How would you say you’ve come to the place where you are now?
JM: Well, I grew up in the Bay Area. I’m from San Jose, California, and my upbringing was very instrumental to who I am today. I grew up in a three-bedroom home with fifteen family members. My mom and dad immigrated here from Vietnam two years before I was born. As soon as we were financially sufficient, we sponsored the rest of the family that couldn’t escape by boat [from] Vietnam. That right there was like the story of my life. The fact that the only reason why I live here in the states and eat as much food as I need, have the education I wanted, and could dream big was because my parents made that escape. So when you have that mentality, anything can happen.

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