Hipsters Anonymous

By Lindsey Tolbert

Hipster-Letter-There are many ways to describe a hipster. Some describe “hipsterism” as a state of mind—those that value independent, original thinking and appreciate under-the-radar entertainment. And then there’s also the hipster look which typically involves skinny jeans, thick-rimmed glasses (most often without any sort of prescription), a well-sculpted moustache, and anything you can buy at Urban Outfitters and American Apparel.

They’re the type that are very vocal about liking things before they were cool. Those “things” usually involve bands, restaurants, fashion choices, home decor, and really anything that isn’t (or didn’t used to be) “mainstream.” A true hipster wouldn’t be caught dead listening to Top 40 music.

We all know a hipster when we see (or hear) one, and boy, do we love to make fun of hipster culture. That’s exactly what Hipster’s Anonymous is on a mission to do. Created, written, and produced by Mary Ashley Burton, this webseries takes the most extreme caricatures of hipsters and follows them through their recovery from hipsterism—an AA for hipsters, if you will.

We caught up with two of the actors­—Kaiser Johnson, who plays a hipster named X who was court-ordered into recovery, and Dana Buchanan, who plays a vocally vegan hipster named Willow—from the series to talk about their journey to on-screen hipster.

Tastevin Magazine: How did you get involved with the project?

Kaiser Johnson: I met Mary Ashley at an event, and after chatting with her for a while, she told me about Hipsters Anonymous and asked if I’d come read for it. It sounded like a great project, so I told her I’d love to. We did a read-thru, and then I read a couple of other parts and they cast me as X.

Dana Buchanan: I met Mary Ashley through a mutual friend. We had hung out a handful of times. So I heard through our various circle of friends that they were creating a comedic webseries and looking for actors. I was at the first read-through. I ended up reading for a few of the minor characters that night. I had assumed, after that, that the parts were basically cast. Much to my surprise however, I was then asked to audition for the female leads. And out of all of the parts, I ended up getting cast in the one I least expected to get! This for me was a lesson learned that you should never just “assume” things. Show up, act professional, do your best always, and let the chips fall where they may.

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