Jamie Noel

Have a Laugh: Hollywood’s Next Hottest Thing

By Chandler Rabens
Photos by Alexander Herman

Jamie Noel is a busy bee. With four projects slated for release in 2014—including parts in the novel turned screenplay Mall; Nick Cannon’s movie School Dance; horror-comedy movie Zombie Stoners; and her producing debut, a short film called Two Guys & a Gal—I felt lucky to snag a few minutes of Noel’s time. The brunette beauty, still glammed up from her provocative cover shoot, chatted openly about her passion for comedy, transition to actor-producer, and tips for leading a healthy lifestyle while on the go. This South Florida native is a kale-loving, self-proclaimed “hot yoga junkie”—which explains her selection of our dinner spot, The Veggie Grill in Hollywood. Noel had me rolling on the floor laughing throughout our “chickin’” salads. I was impressed to learn this actress-turned-producer feels just as comfortable behind the camera. I like a woman in charge! My takeaway? This gorgeous, gutsy girl thrives when she’s making people laugh.

Tastevin Magazine: How would you describe yourself in three words?
Jamie Noel:  Driven, Compassionate, and Mindful.

TM: What made you decide to get into acting?
JN: When I was 19, I took my first acting class to be less shy and come out of my shell. That’s [when] my love affair started.

TM: Since then, has there been one character you’ve played that you’ve really connected to?
JN: I play a character in Two Guys & a Gal named KC who takes a pretty hard hit after a divorce. I think everyone can relate to being devastated at some point or another over a failed relationship. She’s kind of foul, funny, and even though she hits rock bottom, she finds the humor in it all.

TM: You’re starting to garner a noticeable fan base. Do you get recognized in public? What was your last encounter like?
JN: Yes, I get recognized. My last encounter with a fan was at a bar. He came charging across the room yelling my name. My normal reaction [of] laughing and denying [it] worked…until homeboy pulled up my photo on his phone. Then I surrendered gave him a hug and bought him a shot. Cheers!

TM: Speaking of interacting with your fans, you are very vocal on your Twitter and Facebook pages. Something tells me you don’t have a problem speaking your mind…
JN: I’m very compassionate about life in general so I like to express it. Also, I like to hear other people’s opinions. That’s what makes social media such an awesome thing. It’s all about connecting.

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