Tastevin Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle tasting menu, bringing readers an edited sample of fashion, lifestyle, literature, and the arts.

N-A-Little-Bit-Pageamed for the wine cup that sommeliers use to taste and judge wine, Tastevin is a highly selective publication designed to offer an honest, edited look at the freshest in lifestyle and fashion.

The Tastevin team acts as cultural sommeliers, carefully gauging products and experiences in order to suggest the best tastes and pairings. Tastevin features products both high and low, following in the tradition of thousand-dollar vintages all the way to boxed wines.The Tastevin team believes wholeheartedly that fashion is a crucial part of culture. The fashion industry provides us with fantasy by reflecting the highest in art and design, but it also demonstrates a fundamental aspect of the

American dream—that we can always strive to create a certain life for ourselves. With simple, quality recommendations in mind, we want to offer readers a taste of that life.


The idea for Tastevin was born in early 2011, when editorial head Caroline A. Wong desired to pare down the digital noise of the thousands of fashion and lifestyle blogs while incorporating her passion for literature and poetry. After a move from the golden Californian coasts to New York’s urban jungle, she launched Tastevin in May 2013 in partnership with creative director Brandon Gamble. With a talented team of writers and artists who have worked for Allure, NewBeauty, Oscar de la Renta, and Nordstrom, Tastevin is, and always will be, committed to excellence.