Bana Bean

In a world where women are bombarded by media propaganda about not only what they should look like but also how they should feel about their bodies, it is no wonder that a group of mothers and aunts would look to reimagine the newsfeed. For the founders of BanaBean, style is not a rigid set of boundaries for a woman’s expression, but rather a tool through which girls might build confidence.

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BanaBean carefully curates a monthly subscription box of hair accessories for girls through the age of nine. The selection of six to eight pieces might include anything from headbands and clips to bows and turbans. Looking to coveted kids’ brands for its products, BanaBean cherishes providing quality items as much as creating built-in bonding moments when each box arrives at the door. The act of opening the box and the reveal of each new accessory is a moment of magic for daughters and parents alike.

Whether you’re a father, mother, or simply an adult lucky enough to have a growing girl in their lives, BanaBean is an opportunity to empower adults as much as daughters, arming them with the perfect spark for conversations around personal style and self-esteem. BanaBean is more than just a box of pretty bows; it’s a box of memories to come.

Get your little girl the gift of style for $25 per month at Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time, and monthly boxes can also be sent as a present from stylish aunts and uncles!