Fit on the Fly

By Rachel McCormick

w-letter-cher-lloyde’ve all been there. You’re headed on that amazing vacation or work trip, and you may indulge, not eating as healthfully as you do during your normal routine at home. But, you tell yourself, you WILL workout, I will let myself eat carbs, but I will darn sure work them off. You are determined that you will not return home five pounds heavier and mad at yourself. So you make it to the hotel, put on your favorite workout gear, lace up your Nikes, and put your ear buds in to rock out to your favorite workout jams. You swing open the door to the hotel gym and all of a sudden, all your motivation goes out the window faster than you downed that cheap wine on the plane ride over. The gym is smaller than your walk-in closet at home, complete with one treadmill, a StairMaster that looks like it’s straight out of the 1950s, and six free weights. All you can hear is the dead silence of this tiny, depressing room and WOMP WOMP playing loudly in your head.

I know the feeling all too well, as my job happens to be to travel, and I have stayed in more hotels than I can count. Here are some of my favorite tips for staying fit and healthy while on the go.

Water Water WATER

When flying, staying hydrated is crucial. You are literally trapped in a metal, dehydrated tube for hours with re-circulated air, and your body is desperate for hydration. Yes, you can’t take over 3.5 ounces of liquid through airport security, and an airport bottle of water costs way more than you would like to pay. My trick: take an empty bottle through security, then fill it up at a water fountain. Voila.

Grub on the Go

Let’s be honest—besides the prices, airport and airplane food’s nutritional value is less than impressive. Why would I pay $20 for a less-than-satisfying meal that is going to do nothing positive for my body? My number one travel essential food that I have in my bag 24/7? Oatmeal. The Quaker’s individual packets will do, but I prefer make my own. That way, I know exactly what is going into it and I can avoid artificial sweeteners, sugar, and other yucky ingredients. All you need is some plain oats, plastic baggies, an all natural sweetener (mine favorite is Stevia), and whatever else you like in your oatmeal—cinnamon, nuts, etc. Oatmeal is such a winner for on-the-go hunger because it is healthy, satisfying, and easy! Just add some hot water and you’re all set. Some of my other favorite foods to have on hand when traveling are:

• Quest Protein Bars
• Beef Jerky
• Almonds
• Apple Slices
• Baby Carrots
• Rice cakes
• SkinnyPop Popcorn