Wedding Season Shenanigans

By Erica Mau, Photos by Christie Pham –

Wedding Being recently engaged with a new pup addition to the fam, I was intensely excited to take engagement photos with the whole gang. Especially since the dogs can’t participate in our Hawaii wedding festivities (due to quarantine laws), these photos would commemorate a preciously happy time in our lives – and cement the youthful and adorable canines in the cutest stage of their lives.

Thus, per usual, I researched and planned ahead. I found the best wedding photographer in Hawaii, who also fortunately could take our engagement photos in LA. I informed her that the dogs would be in attendance, so she wouldn’t be surprised and unprepared on the day of the shoot. The Tedster got a haircut and the Jaybster was bathed and blow-dried. I read articles on best practices to photograph pets and gathered all my supplies – treats, matching leashes, and bowties. #necessary

And, per usual, I still felt ill prepared when the time came to take some good ‘ole family photos.

There were several factors that just happened to be in my favor:

We did the shoot at our house, where the dogs were comfortable (rather, our house is photogenic enough at which to do a photo shoot).

The photographer had her hubby in tow, who helped to watch the dogs (rather, the photographer’s husband loved hanging out with dogs and was really good at dealing with two energetic puppies).

It didn’t rain.

Then there were several factors that just happened to suck:

My puppies don’t run out of energy (despite spending half a day playing with other dogs and taking a long, uphill walk in the hot sun).

My puppies don’t like sitting still (despite being bribed with endless treats).

My puppies’ general playful behavior.

So for anyone out there who is planning to ever take pictures with your pups, here’s my advice to you that I did not read in one single article online.