Don’t Do THIS At The Gym

By Rachel McCormick

In life, we all have our pet peeves. Maybe it’s people who completely ignore the fact that large stores have a designated door for entering and a different one for exiting, but just walk wherever the heck they please (ok, that would be mine). Maybe it really grinds your gears when you’re having a serious conversation with someone and all they can seem to think about is staring at the screen of their smart phone.

Most of my biggest pet peeves originated in a place where I spend a large amount of my time: the gym. If you’re a regular gym-goer like myself, I’m sure you will nod in affirmation and give me a little ‘Amen, sister!’ with most of these. And if you’re new to a gym, let me just warn against a few gym personas and reveal the friendly no-nos that will make your workout experience much more pleasant for yourself and all of your fellow exercisers.

Texting Tiffany

For me, this is a huge one. If you are using a machine for multiple sets and sit on it for maybe a 30 second break between each set, or hop up and do some lunges or some other sort of active rest exercise, great. But the moment you pull out your phone and start texting away WHILE still sitting on that machine…that is when I will walk over and unapologetically give you the stink eye. I’m pretty sure that person you are texting will be just fine hearing from you two minutes later when you are done with your hip abductors and are not hogging the machine.