Belcho USA

It has to be said. There are countless up-and-coming jewelry designers out there. While great designs are certainly important, in this day and age of social media, you need to have something extra special about your company to stand out above the rest. For Belcho USA designer Marie K., that something special is her love of animals and children.

In fact, it was her rescued cat Belcho who provided inspiration for her company’s namesake and logo. “Since I love animals and have rescued several, I wanted to dedicate this jewelry line to a cause that I care so deeply about,” says Marie. “I wanted my name and logo to stand out and be more than just a word or just a simple design.

“I think it’s very important to help. I have many friends that have needed help so I’m always aware of these things. It’s also great to be able to involve other people indirectly. When [customers] purchase from us, they are helping others.”

That’s because a portions of the profits from every piece sold goes to these causes that Marie is passionate about. But it’s not just her passion for animals and other charitable causes that inspires her. “There’s a lot of unique and inspirational places in California from deserts to mountains. The beauty of the sun and leaves give me many ideas. My style is based on nature, life forms, textures, [and] the earth. Inspiration comes to me from everywhere and at any time.”

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