Jonathan Adler for Uniqlo

Jonathan Adler, the bright and happy master of geometric prints, splashed his playfulness across Uniqlo’s apparel for an unexpected collaboration. Caroline A. Wong investigates.

Photos by Alexander Herman

Of all the directions that Jonathan Adler could have gone, I didn’t expect him to go with Uniqlo. Sure, maybe a Target collaboration. Maybe even Kohl’s. But Uniqlo, with its solid colors and basics beyond basics, seemed a odd partner for the designer who sells breast-covered vases. Nevertheless, I did my duty and took the line for a test spin. After all, with price points at $30 and below, how could I NOT? I owe it to you, Tasties!

The collaboration actually makes for a happy marriage. Uniqlo’s classic shapes let Adler’s bold aesthetic shine, and the prints are recognizably of the Adler family. The fabric is thin…not quite tissue thin, but I would have liked it thicker. Regardless, it’s a line worth shopping if you’re an Adler fan.

It would be so easy to go the conservative route when styling with this collection: Bold print, jeans, blazer, heels. That’s not a bad combo; it’s actually perfect for work…but if you go bold with the print AND with your accessories, it could make for a great artsy look to do Adler justice. I went with a mustard yellow bag to complement the orangey color of the top. Topping off with a hat adds a bit of a wanderer vibe, like you just got off an airplane and the taxi cab dropped you off there. It’s playful, fresh, and much less buttoned up than you’d be in a blazer. With a boho sweater and edging moto boots to complete the look, you’d just need an artist’s portfolio to tote around while wandering any creative mecca!