Good Eats

By Colette Choi

Tomatoes are loaded with antioxidants, helping to prevent disease and promote health. So when I got my hands on an amazing new organic tomato sauce from Steve Schirripa (of The Sopranos fame), I knew I had to try it, if only from a beauty perspective!

To be honest, when I first tasted Uncle Steve’s sauce, I thought it was a bit bland…BUT I soon realized why: The sauces are pure, made with imported organic Italian tomatoes with no paste, puree, or sugars added. It’s simply nature at its finest and freshest. In our oversaturated world of processed foods, it sometimes shocks our systems to come in contact with something so close to the vine. As I continued cooking with the sauce, I started eating spoonfuls straight out of the jar!

I cooked up some penne according to the package directions, chopped up some garlic, and prepped some Italian sausage. I like removing the skin around the sausage to create bite-sized portions that are more ground-up instead of sliced. After cooking the sausage and garlic together with a bit of olive oil (warmed until sausage is cooked throughout), I added Uncle Steve’s Tomato Basil sauce and warmed it all together before adding the penne back in. With a bit of shaved parmesan on top and a glass of Moscato, I had a divine dinner. And I’m pretty sure all those antioxidants are making my skin glow!

Uncle Steve’s sauces come in three varieties (Tomato Basil, Marinara, and Arrabiata) and are produced in America. You can purchase some antioxidant-loaded sauce for yourself at