Vanessa Ray

By Rosie Ryan

On one hand, the idea of wearing your iPhone around your neck sounds like a no brainer, especially when you find yourself in a pocket-less outfit, but then again it’s not something you see every day…yet. That’s what Vanesa Rey wants to change with her blossoming tech accessory line.

When manufacturers and vendors, most of them men, ask her this question, her response is yes. “[Men] may not know this because [they’ve] never had to pull data from an email and report on it in a meeting wearing a pencil skirt and a blouse with no pockets.”

Through her experience in the fast-paced entertainment industry, specifically international film publicity, she saw a glaring need for tech accessories that were functional and, equally as important, fashionable.

“As a 20-something working woman, I was constantly on the go, making tech gadgets instrumental in running my life. I was responding to hundreds of emails a day, traveling around the world, having to take photos of events and send to my higher ups back in home office in Los Angeles, see what was trending on social media, and trying (most of the time unsuccessfully) to stay connected to my loved ones.”

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