Peter Pilotto x Target

The designer duo behind the Peter Pilotto brand—Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos—have recently made its bed with that force to be reckoned with: Target. With yet another designer collaboration following closely on the heels of the megastore’s successful partnership with Phillip Lim last fall, is Target just bombarding an already-saturated market with—dare we say it—too much fashion?

By Caroline A. Wong

Nope. It’s not just another designer collaboration for Target. Not just another run-of-the-mill let’s-make-a-quick-buck situation. Peter Pilotto for Target is simply record-breaking.

Now, part of that might be due to the fact that the “exclusive” Target collection was also sold on e-tail megalodon, a move which allowed the Target collection pieces to be sold internationally (a first for a Target partnership). The Pilotto pieces sold out more quickly than Karl Lagerfeld and Christopher Kane’s respective collaborations with the e-tail site, with two styles selling out within the first hour of release and another eight following in the eight hours after that.

As per usual, I had my trepidations about the collection. After all, Peter Pilotto is not as well known in the states as is, say, Phillip Lim. But the pieces held their own, showcasing the brand’s signature sculptural draping married with distinctive bold prints, often even featuring multiple print patterns within one garment. In all honesty, I was blown away.

The quality of the fabrics and construction surpassed all other Target collaborations to date. While the fit of certain pieces in the line was questionable—the most discussed flop amongst the fashion-savvy crowd being the bustier swim top with the decidedly over-sized cups—the overall caliber of the collection made up for its few-and-far-between disappointments. The coveted garments have been spotted on style icons like Alexa Chung and, one of my favorite fashion goddesses, Diane Kruger.

Though the fanfare still continues weeks after the collaboration’s launch, a few select pieces are still available in Target stores and, of course, on eBay—for an inflated price. Beside the media buzz and the must-have aura surrounding the collection, the best feature of the collaboration is the array of vibrant prints. Fashion is emerging from its don’t-mess-with-me-black shell and exploding into a colorful hodge-podge peppered on skirts and dresses and jackets. If there’s one thing to love about the Peter Pilotto for Target line, it’s that it forces you to be bold. No wallflowers here—just lots and lots of floral patterns!

From Weekend Day to Nighttime Play

How utterly mind-blowing of me to mix not only print and pattern but also collaboration with collaboration (hah!). Cheeky, printed sweatshirts are not going away anytime soon, so I took this Philip Lim for Target sweatshirt and paired it with the Peter Pilotto skirt. The loud sweatshirt print is showcased by the neutral color palette of the skirt, and the clash of patterns works because the prints are all evenly bold. Take the skirt to night with a daring rash-guard-crop-top worn as a shirt. You could get even more adventurous with a patterned bustier—maybe in a houndstooth or other wild print—or you could tone it down with a solid crop top. Whatever you choose, the Peter Pilotto line is rich with prints, so it’s the perfect excuse to try a radically different look!