Boost Your Libido With Yoga

By Lisa Eberly

Letter Y Dropcapoga has obvious health benefits: It increases flexibility, reduces stress, builds strength, even induces enlightenment. But did you know that it can also do wonders for….your sex life?

Oooh yeah, this wonder workout has a number of poses that have emotional benefits, as well as some physical ones that are sure to fire up your bedroom poses. Unlike men, who hold their stress in their shoulders, women tend to keep stress locked up in our hips. This makes it difficult to enjoy sex when we’re under any sort of stress (read: all the time!) which is why we should devote time to releasing this negative stress in our bodies. Yoga affects libido from several different angles, mainly by physically increasing natural energy, confidence, sensuality, intimacy, and better orgasms.

It boosts energy by helping you achieve a higher quality of sleep, allowing you to spend more quality time awake in bed, if you know what I mean. I find that when I’m confident in my appearance, I enjoy sex much more than when I’m not feeling so hot. Yoga builds confidence by preventing weight gain and building lean muscle tone, amping up both your sex drive and your partner’s! Sensuality is a quality yoga provides that most other workouts can’t give you. A natural sensuality stems from the awareness of body sensation that yoga practice teaches you to savor. I can sometimes find myself in my head during sex rather than present in my body (You know how it is: Did I lock my car? Oh shoot, I forgot the laundry! Hmm…I should update my to do list…). Yoga helps keep me in the moment so I enjoy the experience between the sheets.

Another essential element of libido achieved in yoga is intimacy. This is reached through the vulnerability of yoga positions. Many women find themselves uncomfortable in more vulnerable positions in the bedroom, keeping them from relaxing and enjoying themselves. Let me tell you: If you can find yourself enjoying a full wheel in yoga shorts, you can find yourself enjoying any sexual position!