Roots of Beauty

Have you ever used clay in your beauty regimen? Perhaps pre-teen sleepovers had a group of your girlfriends donning green clay masks and painting toenails. Or in your young adults years you ay have tried the bentonite clay detox of Aztec influence. Regardless, I bet you’ve never used it in makeup.

I’m a small business owner and actress who started “Roots of Beauty” after experiments to make my own makeup when horribly…right! Using some kitchen spices, arrowroot powder, and an assortment of clays I was able to create a loose powder that keeps me shine-free all day long.

Next up? Lipstick. Using Australian red reef clay and some cocoa butter with coconut oil I created an organic, fair-trade lipstick that is free of chemicals, animal parts, and cheap colorings. Using French rose clay I was able to create the same product in a lighter shade that went on to star in a friend’s wedding between herself and the bridesmaids. Okay, she was the star, but the lipstick was a close second.

I’ve made men’s pomade that calls them to the wilderness with it’s cedar scent. Dry shampoo is in the works, as we find packaging to allow the perfect sprinkle across your roots.

Speaking of packaging, Roots of Beauty uses all sustainable, made in the USA packaging materials. Except for the lipstick and chapstick tubes everything is compostable, including the labels and recycles bookpaper inserts. But the tubes are BPA-free and easily recyclable. Instead of plastic shrink-wrapped seals we use old-fashioned ribbon and wax seal, with a custom “RB” seal.

Long story long… you’ve gotta come check us out. If you’re in Los Angeles come to the Glassell Park farmer’s markets on Saturday mornings for a free sample. New customers get 40% the first product with code “newroot.” In the meantime, check us out on facebook, twitter and instagram.

We’ve found the products and their magic from nature, from the outside looking in. Now we invite you to treat your body with confidence.